Actions 4 Nature 2.0

Some years ago a small group of friends in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, gave birth to the idea of organizing a structured framework for their charity activities. They undertook a lot of volunteer work together and separately prior to the establishment of the foundation as well, but as time has passed by, more and more people, relatives and friends have also joined them. What is more, theyhave recognized that their possibilities are almost endless and have a solid base to rely on, so their leaders considered it important to officially representthe group and their goals.
Thus, based on a common decision in August 2011 they formed the Ian Somerhalder Foundation European Support group ( following the path of the handsome actor and wonderful person (the star of The Vampire Diaries).
And here we are!
We have over 20 successful projects,and we can proudly say that all of them have been realized in a fun, exciting and playful way; and we have got to know a lot of fantastic people while working together! Our foundation not only talks about protecting the environment, but we are also actively involved in taking action for sustainable development. Our enthusiastic team is constantly expanding: in total we have some 300 active members from 27 countries all over the world. Thanks to their endless diligence, we can dream big!
Our coordinating and organizing body, our “hard core” consists of:

BélaDomján – Founder
Zsuzsanna Farkasné Fisli – President
Szilvia Ujvári – Vice President
Dóra Schmuck –Member

We are a vibrant, ever-moving and fun team driven by selfless help, motivated by quality time spent together and strengthened by our success stories!
Be part of this colorful community! There is no membership fee, there are no mandatory rules but supporting us in loving and protecting the environment. You are more than welcome!

Are you ready for Actions 4 Nature?

Our foundation has been organizing events for children and adults, where they can playfully learn about the planet and why it is important to protect the environment, and where we teach them how they can help while planting the seeds of love for nature in them.
On our thematic days we emphasize that not only the conscious behavior towards earthlings and animals in our home country is essential, but we shouldalso pay attention to the possibilities, the circumstances and the future of other landscapes and peoples, because we never know where life will carry us or our children in our journey on this rich and colorful planet.
Our meetings are not dry and boring lectures; our aim is not to sit in front of a projector jotting down trivial details…. Instead, we go on for a walk or take trips together. We walk around the forests to observe the nests of birds and the inhabitants of the trees: what are their features, how they live, what they eat... Then we accompany you to the barn where horse lovers show you, for instance, how to put on the saddle and bring you closer to the life of a farm and its people. We visit zoos and Hungarian wildlife parks: our aim is to meet these animals and gain knowledge about them in a playful way.
Our events are adventurous and interesting, presenting environmentally friendly detergents, cosmeticsand substances not containing artificial materials: in each case, spectacular experiments are followed by brainstorming sessions; besides, useful tips and advice are traded on these interactive meetings.
Even our garbage collection program is unusual thanks to the follow-up gatherings where mouth-watering pastries from organic ingredients, jams, honey and traditional Hungarian delicacies are tasted.

Animal shelter (not only) for lonely puppies and kittens

Animals wandering the streets acquire not only physical, but also deep psychological scars that can be healed only with time and a big dose of love. So evidently, there is a huge need for setting up and operating well-functioning shelters, providing a kind of home for stray cats and dogs: to bathe and feed them, create a little private nook where they can gain new strength.

We take a multi-step approach to create shelters:

• Firstly, we assess the needs of Hungarian shelters, then
• Request our existing sponsors and future supporters to help cover these needs, after it we
• Select a location taking into account the specifics of the region, and
• Collect donations to establish the shelters.

We know that it will take a long time to implement our program, so as long as we do not gather the amount necessary, we support existing shelters and integrate their data to our database.
If your main goal is to seemore and more happy and satisfied pets, too, join us – enthusiastic coordinators are welcome!
If you operate shelters or know anybody who would eagerly work with us and become part of our initiative, feel free to contact us!

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